English - remains a pressing issue in Malaysia

English - remains a pressing issue in Malaysia
POST BY Shiqah March 18, 2019 Reading , Writing , Listening , Speaking , News


On average, 4% of pupils do not have mastery of English literacy after the first three years of primary school. And, English remains the most challenging subject at the Ujian Pencapaian Sekolah Rendah (UPSR) level, said Education deputy director-general Dr Habibah Abdul Rahim.

Reading is one of the most important elements in literacy development as it opens up knowledge opportunities and provides enjoyment. But, reading requires a solid foundation in vocabulary and language comprehension, and lots of practice.

Reading helps students develop a well-rounded approach to literacy, and improves writing, listening, and speaking skills. Youngsters who read daily improve their schooling outcomes regardless of family background and home environment, she said.

Although parents, teachers, and policy makers, recognise reading as a skill that all children should learn, existing practices often fail to incorporate effective strategies to learn, and teach, reading.


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