4 Skills to master before your child reaches 10

4 Skills to master before your child reaches 10
POST BY KLC Language Centre April 12, 2018 Reading , Writing , Listening , Speaking

Four major skills that must be mastered before the age of 10

To put it simply, the four major skills that must be mastered before the age of 10 are “Listening, speaking, reading and writing”. These four words are particularly easy to pronounce, but it takes a lot of effort and time to complete them. Why do these four capabilities need to be mastered before the age of 10? When the children’s age is growing, it means that they begin to slowly establish their own thinking patterns and habits. If they are not trained to develop these abilities when they are young, it will be difficult for them to understand and absorb in the future, and for them to develop the habit of reading will be very hard by then. By 10 years old, a child’s personality and habits would  have been shaped. If you want to correct them of their mistakes, it requires a great deal of effort. Many people say that good habits and ideas should be cultivated during childhood, such as the habit of reading. Many parents will complain that the children will not read any extra-curricular reading materials after school. They will not even touch any books. The main reason is that the children are not interested in reading. Many things need to be cultivated at a young age. Once this golden period is missed, the effectiveness of learning will decline.

From infancy to childhood, and then to adolescence, the human brain is constantly developing, but the development of the human brain is not a process of constant and linear development, but a non-uniform and phased process. In general, the development of the human brain has two "rapid development periods": First, from birth to the age of about three or four years old; Second is when the child is about 10 years old. In other words, when children are in the fourth grade, they are in the second critical period of brain development. (Source:


We must understand that learning English should start from the foundation and then gradually, we learn how to construct sentence or idea in English. However, we already have a wrong start when we’ve already grown up. We have not built a good foundation for English, so we will need to spend a lot of effort and time in the future to correct all previous mistakes and re-learn. However, these corrections will be a lot easier during childhood, With the right learning method, children's English will not be an issue when they’ve grown up. A large amount of "hearing" and "reading" can enhance children's English vocabulary, but only a correct and effective teaching method can establish the most solid foundation for children, so that children can truly become fluent in the English language in these 4 area which are "Listening, speaking, reading and writing". . Therefore, parents should take the opportunity within this few years of their child so that  their children can establish a solid English foundation before the age of 10.


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